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Oct 19, 2018

@@ Free Guide to Unlock Huawei E5330C Smartbro ( Openline E5330cs-82 Smartbro philippines ) Tips tricks free instructions 2019

Hi ! recently huawei philippines smartbro launched ( 2016-2018 ) Smart Bro E5330C Mobile WiFi Speed up to 12Mbps 4G WiFi Hotspot (Black) this device working perfectly but the problem is we cant use another operator also device locked with 0 attempts unlock left ! so how to solve ?

example :-

Found modem         : E5330Cs-82
Model               : Huawei E5330 / MTC 424D
IMEI                : 86130303005xxxx
Serial NR.          : KQPDU164180xxxxx
Firmware            :
Dashboard version   : WEBUI_17.
Web UI version      : WEBUI_17.
SIM Lock status     : Locked (Card Lock)
Wrong codes entered : 10 (unlock attempts left : 0)

here we provide software with instructions to solve to repaid huawei E5330 0 unlock attempts left for your smartbro philippines wifi

About E5330 Pocket wifi :-

Style And Size. Refined.

Lightning Speed. At Your Fingertips.
With the E5330 you can explore the web faster. That’s less waiting while you download and upload your music, videos, and favourite content.
 Lightning Speed. At Your Fingertips.

Manage.With Ease.

With the HUAWEI Mobile WiFi application, managing multiple devices across the same network will no longer be stressful. You can remotely switch on or off your mobile WiFi, check up on battery levels, examine signal strength, read messages,and view all connected devices in one place. All useful, placed together
Manage.With Ease.

Engage Through Connections.
Connect with your friends and family to share your wireless connection. The E5330 provides access for up to 10 different devices simultaneously, be it laptops, mobiles phones,and tablets.

thanks source https://consumer.huawei.com

Guide to Open Line ( Unlock ) smartbro E5330c mobile wifi :- Tips tricks :-

Install drivers 


Step 1.make sure drivers installed !

Step 2. insert other network sim, battery, make sure device OFF, 

step 3. now hold reset+power button 10 seconds  u can see device light will flashing

step 4. now plug device via usb cable to pc 

step 5. go to device manager ! check huawei com ports enabled  " huawei applicaton port, PC ui port 

Step 6. now run given software ( read note ) it will load firmware and auto unlock device !

step7. now one time replace battery and start use all sim card as usally ! 

after unlocked your default login id pass   admin admin   and wifi key 1234578

Note : Download Software for unlock  ! run this software it will ask to enter registration details  this is not freeware u need to pay 10 USD paypal id k.k.dineshbabu@gmail.com (or ) link to pay 10 USD
paypal.me/dineshbabukamaraj   u can also contact in top right side "unlock in 10 min " contact form 

After Paid copy your hardware ID and send email with 



Paid transaction id 

software hardware Id 

send all details to k.k.dineshbabu@gmail.com  / whatspps +91 8695459892


Software will work 200 % If not unlock we refund u full amount without asking any questions ! 

also u can contact us for bulk unlock or to buy unlimited unlock with software for E5330c smartbro


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  1. e5330cs-82

    lock globe.com.ph


    pls open my globe wifi. tnk you

  2. Device name: E5330Cs-82
    IMEI: 861303030055319
    IMSI : 609100111634295
    My number: Unknown
    Hardware version: CH2E5330SM
    Software version:
    Web UI version:
    LAN MAC address: 20:A6:80:44:8C:87
    WAN IP Address: Unknown


    0 LEFT


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